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Available part-time January 2022

As your nanny, I show up wholeheartedly to support your child with what's important to them: their feelings, their interests, and their inherent urge to learn and grow. I help you create and manage routines so your child knows what to expect when I'm there.

I have a special interest in body image and mealtime support and will model Intuitive Eating and joyful movement. No negative self-talk allowed in front of kids.

It's recommended that we all find friends much older and much younger than us to stay well-rounded. I've found wisdom in this advice and honestly cannot imagine my life without children in it.

Nanny services cost $28-$32/hr. Must offer a nanny contract and pay nanny taxes. I can send resources to help set those up if needed.

Nanny Services

"Sarah has been a wonderful addition to our family as far as a caregiver is concerned. She takes care of 3 of our children ranging from 1 year to 10 years old. She handles each one of them with so much love, attention, patience and thoughtfulness. She is the BEST with conflict resolution, encouragement, mentoring etc..... I feel truly lucky to have found her through [a nanny finder site]. She goes above and beyond with connecting with my children. I could go on and on saying great things about Sarah. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone seeking all types of care." 

-Diane W.

"Sarah has been a thorough, attentive, punctual help for me and my two boys ages 2 & 3." 

-Daniel W.

"Sarah is the caregiver I have been looking for! We love her! Sarah is a true professional and takes her job very seriously. She knows exactly what she is doing and I completely trust her with my kids. She asks all the right questions about safety, routine, activities, etc., and I could tell immediately that she had the necessary experience and intelligence to keep my kids safe and having a good time. We love Sarah!" 

-Emily F.

"Sarah is great with infants. She was our primary care for our son from 3 months til he was just over a year. She's got a wonderful calmness that was great for him." 

-Chelsea P.

"Sarah is a fantastic communicator and cooperative caregiver. She helped my wife and I navigate our first venture into in-home care for our young son. Sarah is dedicated to early childhood development and was a wealth of knowledge for us. As first time parents, we didn't always know the right questions to ask, however Sarah made it easy by instigating frequent check-in sessions and describing the developmental changes she was noticing in our son. Her feedback created a great opportunity to learn and ask questions. I really appreciate how she spent the first week casually observing our interactions as a family, learning how we communicate with each other and getting an understanding for the routine we had established. This allowed for a near seamless transition when she took over childcare duties, having established familiarity with our son. It's was a wonderful experience and we feel extremely lucky to have worked together!" 

-Jeremiah J.

"Sarah was our nanny for our two girls and began when my youngest was seven months-old and oldest was over 2.5 years-old. She was with us for over 2.5 years. She is very patient and calm. We follow RIE/respectful parenting so Sarah was a perfect match for us. She is still a special part of our family and any other family would be lucky to have her." 

-Sara Z.


Growth is not always graceful.

In my nanny career, I've seen behind the scenes. I know how hard you're working. The parents I've worked for have been my greatest teachers, as each family does things a little differently. Let me help you embrace your strengths as a parent, encourage your children, and make space for your needs.

In my services below, I work with you virtually to create parenting plans that work for your household. Using an experiential learning approach, we can explore strategies that empower you as a parent.


An Educational Series for Parents, Caregivers, and To-Be Parents of School-Aged Children and Teens



For Parents in Bodies of All Sizes and Parents of Children in Bodies of All Sizes (Caregivers and Parents To-Be Also Welcome)

Coaching Services

“The challenge of parenting lies in finding the balance between nurturing, protecting, and guiding, on one hand, and allowing your child to explore, experiment, and become an independent, unique person, on the other.”

Jane Nelsen, Positive Discipline for Preschoolers

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