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As a nanny myself of more than a decade, I can tell you having trainings paid for is a huge perk to include in a job package! We get to put this stuff on our resumes.

I often ask parents in body liberation communities what would be helpful for me to offer. The answer I hear most often is that it's very hard to find childcare that's aligned with their values.

It makes sense. We're swimming against the mainstream here. We know though that as much as body liberation ideas may be socially radical, they're also supported by research and add incredible value to our lives. Nannies as a population are compassionate and dedicated to bettering life for the next generation.

With their express interest, I can train your nanny or other childcare provider in how to raise kids with healthy body image, covering topics like:

  • Clarifying what language to use when talking about bodies

  • Looking at systemic factors that influence individual body image

  • How to model consent with touch, personal space, belongings, and more

  • Facilitating more peaceful, joyful mealtimes

  • Defining food neutrality and its benefits

  • Identifying the harms of prescriptive exercise and the benefits of joyful movement

  • Defining embodiment, "listening to our bodies," and connecting to our role as protectors of children's innate body wisdom

  • Celebrating bodies as sources of connection through play and humor

In addition to body positive parenting topics, I'm also available to train nannies in:

  • Respectful infant care

  • Toddlers 101

  • Positive Discipline for school aged children and teens

  • How to even

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  • Instagram

How does this work?

Your first step is to schedule a free 30-minutre Hello Consult. If you're a parent looking to pay for coaching for your childcare provider, the first things we'll discuss are:

  • Do you already have a childcare provider or are you looking to offer my trainings as a new hire benefit?

  • Do you need help putting a contract together with your provider or otherwise navigating the nanny-parent relationship before we can get into body liberation or gentle parenting work?

  • What are the boundaries of your confidentiality agreement with your provider?

  • Do you have permission to share details about their identity or your work together?

Every parent-provider-coach dynamic will require a unique setup. I look forward to hearing about yours, who they key players are, and what you're hoping to get out of our work together.

I offer accessible, flexible prices so you can pay your provider for their time in training as well.

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