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Parenthood informed by Body Liberation Principles


Connecting through Play, Liberating Every Body: A Path to More Embodied Parenting

I'm Sarah, and as your parent coach, I'm here to be your trusty guide through the dense undergrowth of parenthood.

I'm all about creating a nurturing and inclusive environment for families, where every dino, big or small, is respected and celebrated. So, let's venture forth into the jungle of parenting, armed with compassion, understanding, and maybe a few toy dinosaurs for good measure.

What I Offer

  • Monthly Coaching Subscription: For $500 per month, you'll receive access to up to 4 personalized video coaching sessions tailored to your parenting needs. Sessions are 1-hour long and designed to address a wide range of parenting topics for parents or caregivers of children aged newborn to preteen. 

  • Flexible Scheduling: I understand that parenting can be unpredictable, which is why I offer flexible scheduling options. Whether you need a session once a week or once a month, we'll work together to find a schedule that fits your needs.

  • Support Between Sessions: While I maintain boundaries to ensure the effectiveness of our coaching sessions, it's important to me that our coaching relationship supports your real life, communication and learning preferences.



At a cost of $500 per month, I understand that my coaching services are not accessible to everyone. Please reach out. I will be transparent about the factors that contribute to this pricing, including my own energy and capacity needs. I appreciate feedback from the parenting community about how I can better serve you with this platform.

Access needs related to the presence of the child during the session

As part of the intake process, we can discuss and make a plan for situations where the child needs to be present during coaching sessions. By addressing this upfront, we can ensure that our sessions remain productive and meaningful, even when unexpected circumstances arise. Your comfort and accessibility are important to me, and I'm dedicated to finding solutions that work for you and your family.

Paperwork Expectations

I understand that paperwork can be daunting for many people. As part of my commitment to accessibility, I offer assistance with filling out the intake forms. Additionally, I don't assign homework unless you've communicated the capacity or need for it and expressed interest in a particular growth area.

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At our request, Sarah has developed a few "mini-workshops" for my husband and I, so we have also gotten to know her in her capacity as an educator and parenting consultant. The workshops have covered some of the regular growing pains of toddlerhood, such as separation anxiety and picky eating. My husband and I are both college professors, so we know good teaching. We've loved being Sarah's "students." She's keenly intelligent and infinitely patient, and has deep expertise in her field. She is always reading a new book on early childhood education, child development, or caregiving. Having such extensive knowledge and experience means she has a variety of tools and ideas ready to mind, and can recommend approaches that honor our family's unique dynamic. In short, she meets parents where they are.
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