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Dana P.

Child's age: toddler

Sarah was fantastic with our toddler, and we would *highly* recommend her to anyone looking for a calm, patient, communicative nanny. We hired her part-time for a couple months and she was always a calming presence, had great intuition about our child's needs and created an environment that was both nurturing and independent. From day 1, we completely trusted her and felt 100% comfortable leaving our child in her care. She picked up our approach to naps, eating and boundaries immediately, and asked questions when anything wasn't clear. We appreciated her clear communication style. She was with us when our toddler was going through a phase of intense separation anxiety, and she was so comfortable with his big feelings - giving him space, offering comfort, and just generally being a calming and reassuring presence (for both us, and our child!). Although we're no longer in need of recurring care, we look forward to keeping a relationship with her for our occasional babysitting needs!

Mal A.

Child's age: (waddler) infant - toddler

Sarah is an incredible nanny, teacher, and parenting consultant. She joined us just before our daughter turned one, and has been with us for seven months. She shepherded our daughter (and us!) through the transition from infant to toddler, so we've seen how excellent she is with both age groups. Being in our lives for so long, Sarah is well known to us and it's hard to find words glowing enough to recommend her. She approaches her work with great intelligence, kindness, and integrity.


Our daughter has flourished under Sarah's care. Every time we come home the two of them have invented some new game, read new books, and said new words. Sarah is especially talented at comforting kids through all the Big Feelings of toddlerhood. Her approach is very child-centered: she's always regarded our daughter as a unique individual with her own interests and ideas. This extends even to small things. For instance, Sarah often brings age-appropriate library books to read with our daughter, and always manages to choose titles that feature her favorite animals and speak to where she is developmentally. Sarah's choices have often become new favorites. 


At our request, Sarah has developed a few "mini-workshops" for my husband and I, so we have also gotten to know her in her capacity as an educator and parenting consultant. The workshops have covered some of the regular growing pains of toddlerhood, such as separation anxiety and picky eating. My husband and I are both college professors, so we know good teaching. We've loved being Sarah's "students." She's keenly intelligent and infinitely patient, and has deep expertise in her field. She is always reading a new book on early childhood education, child development, or caregiving. Having such extensive knowledge and experience means she has a variety of tools and ideas ready to mind, and can recommend approaches that honor our family's unique dynamic. In short, she meets parents where they are.


We are first-time parents and first-time employers. Sarah has made the transition really easy for us. She is a great communicator and she's very comfortable discussing parents' needs, desires, and boundaries. Developing a contract together and working out her terms of employment was very straightforward. She is professional, reliable, and always incredibly clear and punctual in her communications. Finally, her conscientious approach to health and safety, particularly as regards COVID, have given us great peace of mind. 


It's hard for us to say goodbye to Sarah; we are only ending our contract with her because our circumstances have changed and we no longer need a nanny. We would recommend her to anyone who wants a caring, experienced nanny and educator with a child-centered approach (and who is great with parents, too)! 

Jeremiah J.

Child's age: (waddler) infant - toddler

Sarah is a fantastic communicator and cooperative caregiver. She helped my wife and I navigate our first venture into in-home care for our young son. Sarah is dedicated to early childhood development and was a wealth of knowledge for us. As first time parents, we didn't always know the right questions to ask, however Sarah made it easy by instigating frequent check-in sessions and describing the developmental changes she was noticing in our son. Her feedback created a great opportunity to learn and ask questions. I really appreciate how she spent the first week casually observing our interactions as a family, learning how we communicate with each other and getting an understanding for the routine we had established. This allowed for a near seamless transition when she took over childcare duties, having established familiarity with our son. It's was a wonderful experience and we feel extremely lucky to have worked together!

Sara Z.

Children's ages: infant - preschooler; preschooler - kindergartener

Sarah was our nanny for our two girls and began when my youngest was seven months-old and oldest was over 2.5 years-old. She was with us for over 2.5 years. She is very patient and calm. We follow RIE/respectful parenting so Sarah was a perfect match for us. She is still a special part of our family and any other family would be lucky to have her.

Daniel W.

Children's ages: waddler to preschooler; toddler to kindergartener

Sarah has been a thorough, attentive, punctual help for me and my two boys ages 2 & 3.

Chelsea P.

Child's age: newborn - waddler

Sarah is great with infants. She was our primary care for our son from 3 months til he was just over a year. She's got a wonderful calmness that was great for him.

Emily F.

Children's ages: preschool; school age

Sarah is the caregiver I have been looking for! We love her! Sarah is a true professional and takes her job very seriously. She knows exactly what she is doing and I completely trust her with my kids. She asks all the right questions about safety, routine, activities, etc., and I could tell immediately that she had the necessary experience and intelligence to keep my kids safe and having a good time. We love Sarah!

Diane W.

Children's ages: waddler - preschooler; school age - preteen;  preteen - teen

Sarah has been a wonderful addition to our family as far as a caregiver is concerned. She takes care of 3 of our children ranging from 1 year to 10 years old. She handles each one of them with so much love, attention, patience and thoughtfulness. She is the BEST with conflict resolution, encouragement, mentoring etc..... I feel truly lucky to have found her through [a nanny finder site]. She goes above and beyond with connecting with my children. I could go on and on saying great things about Sarah. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone seeking all types of care.

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