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Parent Coaching Services

Whether you're a parent or caregiver who's learning about HAES or a full-on HAES pro, I'd love to support you. (And yes, you can refer your clients who are parents to me!) 

I offer parenting support around:

  • Social-emotional development

  • Understanding the functions of play and the caregivers' role in play

  • Managing "stuff" (toys, cups, kid potties, etc.)

  • Routines and transitions

  • Navigating nanny-parent relationships

  • RIE / respectful infant care 

  • Toddlers 101

  • Positive Discipline for school-aged children and teens

  • Parent shame

  • How to "even"

It's really touching my heart to be out here helping parents tap into an awareness of what good care is so they can feel secure that they're offering it. 

For your work with me, that might look like weekly or bi-weekly meetings where we work through your parenting questions, talk about immediate issues, and I offer you new tools and perspectives.

Ready for a chat? Email me through the contact form or a schedule a free Hello Session.

Frequent questions and topics that come up in my work with parents:

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