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As your nanny, I show up wholeheartedly to support your child with what's important to them: their feelings, their interests, and their inherent urge to learn and grow. I help you create and manage routines so your child knows what to expect when I'm there.

Certifications: Infant and Child CPR/First Aid, Positive Discipline Parent Education, Advocating for Children with Developmental Concerns.

15 years of childcare experience.

Vaccinated: COVID +  booster, influenza, TDAP.

I model intuitive eating, joyful movement, "listening to my body," and celebrations of body diversity. I seek out the poetry of domestic life and the wisdom of a new generation.

I typically accept rates in the $30s per hour. I invite any prospective client to make an offer that is comfortable for them. From there I am happy to facilitate a transparent discussion about our needs and offerings. 


Must offer a contract and pay nanny taxes. I can send resources to help set those up if needed.

Photo used with parent permission.

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